Fis’s latest EP ‘Iterations’ out next week

With the release of his ‘Preparations’ EP on Tri Angle in late 2013, Fis and his inimitable and wholly original sound was introduced to the wider world. Since he’d first emerged with a series of ultra rare 12” releases in 2012 on various drum and bass oriented labels the Wellington, New Zealand based producer had quietly been tipped on the underground as one to watch. The praise heaped upon ‘Preparations’ definitely seemed to justify the hype that had quietly been building behind the man otherwise known as Oliver Peryman. Pitchfork referred to Fis as an artist who ‘was in the process of uncovering an altogether new rhythmic grammar’ and on ‘Iterations’, his latest EP on Tri Angle, he continues to do just that. It’s still a pretty daunting task trying to explain exactly what Fis sounds like. He’s been referred to as a drum and bass producer, but as XLR8R have rightly stated, ‘even in the context of the drum & bass resurgence there’s little question that Fis is exploring some exciting, uncharted territory.’ The disorientating and confounding rhythms are still present, but in comparison to ‘Preparations’, ‘Iterations’ feels more expansive and oceanic, less claustrophobic and ever so slightly more approachable. What these 4 tracks confirm is that Fis is a producer who has something important and special to add to the electronic genre.

Iterations Track List

• Iterations
• Womb Dream
• Fever Sweats
• Her Third Eye (Drum Rain)

Check out ‘Womb Dream’ here;

Iterations will be available on vinyl and digitally worldwide via Tri Angle on May 13th (vinyl out in the UK & Europe May 27th).

Keep an eye out for Fis’s debut UK & European shows taking place in the coming months. Dates to be announced.

For more information on Fis, please visit:

It isn’t often an artist seems to materialize from nowhere with a sound so disinterested in following any conventional rules that it inspires equal measures bafflement and astonishment, but in 2012 with the release of the ‘Unknown Vectors’ EP, Milwaukee based producer Sd Laika did just that. Taking the already alien sounds of grime music as a starting off point and abrasively twisting them into something even more unknowable, Laika had developed a sound that defied any easy categorization. 2 years later Dummy Magazine would come to refer to this record as ‘one of the most jaw-droppingly inventive debuts in recent memory and ought to be considered “the other ‘Cold Mission’” (in reference to the highly acclaimed Logos LP from 2013)’. After ‘Unknown Vectors’ Sd Laika became something of a mystery, disappearing from the scene altogether leaving behind him a small, but hardcore cult fanbase convinced they’d glimpsed something very special in those 5 tracks. It was only in 2013 when Tri Angle approached Sd Laika that a new record began to take shape. This record would end up consisting of songs Sd Laika had recorded in 2011 and 2012, songs he’d convinced himself would never see the light of day. For various reasons it looked likely Unknown Vectors would wind up being Laika’s one and only ever release, which is why we’re so excited (and as huge fans, relieved) to announce the release of his debut album ‘That’s Harakari’.

Listening to ‘That’s Harakari’ for the first time, the key sensation that grabs hold is one of disorientation as the record constantly shifts in atmosphere and tone. Over the space of these 11 songs it’s hard to know whether one should be terrified, laughing, disturbed, or dancing. Perhaps two tracks best typify how ‘That’s Harakari’ feels like it’s constantly at odds with itself as meditative and claustrophobic elements clash for some kind of dominance; ‘Great God Pan’ which takes the cold futuristic timbres of grime music, shoots them out into space and beams them back at us as a lonely alien transmission and ‘Meshes’ with it’s grinding tourniquet rhythm sounding like a UK funky track having had the funk brutally strangled out of it. Elsewhere on the album ‘It’s Ritual’ comes across as a rabid tech house banger turning inside out on itself, ‘I Don’t’ sounds like a pirate radio station being high jacked by Autechre for 3 unhinged minutes, while ‘You Were Wrong’ and it’s combination of drunken piano lines and sharp blasts of white noise finds Laika at his most playful and prankish. The schizophrenic nature of the record is deeply reflective of the singular mindset behind it and also of the turbulent time it’s creator went through whilst making and assembling this album. In this sense ‘That’s Harakari’ as brash and provocative as it can occasionally seem is an extremely emotionally charged record.

Listen to ‘Meshes’, the first song taken from ‘That’s Harakari’;

That’s Harakari Track List
01. Peace
02. Great God Pan
03. Gutter Vibrations
04. I Don’t
05. Meshes
06. Remote Heaven
07. You Were Wrong
08. Don’t Know
09. Peaking
10. It’s Ritual
11. Percressing

Sd Laika, aka Peter Runge, will release his forthcoming, LP That’s Harakari on April 28, 2014 via Tri Angle Records. The LP will be available at all digital retailers and in stores on vinyl and CD.

Fis releases his debut record for Tri Angle this November

In the last 12 months Fis, aka Olly Peryman, has quietly, but steadily been building a name for himself on the underground as a producer to keep a very firm eye on. Having put out a handful of acclaimed, somewhat hard to find 12” releases on a couple of different labels, (‘DMT Usher’ having appeared on a very limited 12” release by Samurai Horo in 2012). Preparations, his first release for Tri Angle, finds Fis poised to take his beautiful and bewildering sound to a wider audience and confirm why websites like Resident Advisor have had things like this to say about him;

‘A producer that has suddenly appeared, rather fully-formed, doing something completely individual, sounding like absolutely no one else.’ – Todd Burns

Fis’s music, as complex and alien sounding as it can be, presents a challenge when trying to explain exactly what it sounds like. His tracks often have the ability to completely disorientate and absorb the listener, creating rhythms that constantly seem to be consuming one another, shifting before anyone’s had a chance to process them. ‘Magister Nunns’ is colossal psychedelic intimidation as ancient as it is futuristic, robotic and yet swampy and elemental, while ‘DMT Usher’ thrillingly feels as violent as it does meditative. Fis has actually stated that, ‘Lately most of my rhythms are drawn from what I hear and see from my body during meditation.’

Having worked with a number of drum and bass artists in the past, Fis wouldn’t necessarily refer to himself as a drum and bass producer, especially considering how much he mangles and distorts the sound. That said, in attempting to get a handle on what the man is doing, the influence is an important one to note. Another intrinsic element in the music is Fis’s location of New Zealand. Born and raised in Sumner, currently based in Wellington, Fis’s setting has undoubtedly had a huge impact on his sound. In fact the flutes on ‘Magister Nunns’ make direct reference to Dr Richard Nunns, an authority on nga taonga puoro and an elder in New Zealand’s music community. Preparations encapsulates Fis as a writer of rhythm and place.

Preparations Track List

01. Magister Nunns
02. DMT Usher
03. Mildew Swoosh
04. CE Visions

Check out ‘DMT Usher’ now:

Preparations will be available on limited edition vinyl and digitally worldwide via Tri Angle on November 18.

Forest Swords – Engravings

It’s been a long time coming, but Tri Angle is ecstatic to finally announce the release of ‘Engravings’ the debut album by Forest Swords, released August 26th 2013 (2xLP, CD & Digital).

The project of the Merseyside, UK native Matthew Barnes, Forest Swords crept into the underground consciousness in 2009 with the release of acclaimed EP ‘Dagger Paths’ (Olde English Spelling Bee/No Pain In Pop) – a record so eerie and expansive that it touched on both Ennio Morricone and early Massive Attack, while still sounding resolutely unique. The release received critical acclaim, and – despite being just EP length – charted in numerous ‘Best of’ lists that year.

Subsequently battling hearing problems, Barnes was forced to take a break from his own music, returning to his work as a designer and artist. In the ensuing period, he completed sound commissions for art festivals (including a piece involving tracks cut on disintegrating x-ray film dubplates; new Forest Swords compositions heard in public just once); lent his skills to other artists, including co-writing and production for How To Dress Well (‘Cold Nites’, from his recent album ‘Total Loss’) and NYC rap youngster Haleek Maul; and released tracks made with German fine artist Otto Baerst online under the Dyymond of Durham moniker.

Slowly but surely, Barnes started work back on his Forest Swords project with a clear vision and renewed passion. Unwilling to spend long amounts of time in a studio, he looked around his own environment for inspiration.

Debut album ‘Engravings’ is the sound of his home peninsula of the Wirral, a stone’s throw from Liverpool, a place imbued with spirit and history (‘Thor’s Stone’ takes its title from a local slab of sandstone, said to be used for Norse god sacrifices by Viking settlers). Completed over the course of the year, Barnes mixed the entire record outdoors in the Wirral countryside on his laptop: as such, ‘Engravings’ is a record that feels as exposed and organic as his immediate environment; beaches and bark, sand and soil.

The resulting record is a rarity in electronic music – an emotionally resonant distillation of the past couple of years in Barnes’ life, and an unflinchingly powerful body of songs: both euphoric and bleak, triumphant and heavy. Taking off where his previous work started, ‘Engravings’ feels more articulate, structured, and affecting. Beats are more pronounced, with the looser tribalism of ‘Dagger Paths’ replaced with a more direct approach to rhythm. Voices are also more prominent. Barnes spent time learning to splice his own and sampled voices together to create abstracted, elliptical melody lines, and rough snatches of ecstatic choirs interject throughout the LP, calling out in either desperation or elation.

From the train-track rattling drones of ‘Onward’ to euphoric marching-drum closer ‘Friend, You Will Never Learn’, the record steps its way between cavernous electronic music and dubby, heavy slow-mo pop. Lead track ‘The Weight of Gold’ is an urgent, melancholy meditation centered around razor-sharp harpsichord, tranced-out vocals and chiming guitar; ‘Anneka’s Battle’ features a guest vocal from Brighton act Anneka manipulated around a sparse, skeletal R&B beat; while ‘Gathering’ sees Barnes weave and loop choral voice samples to create a rapturous, hypnotic hymn.

Listen to ‘The Weight Of Gold’ now…


01. Ljoss
02. Thor’s Stones
03. Irby Tremor
04. Onward
05. The Weight Of Gold
06. An Hour
07. Anneka’s Battle
08. The Gathering
09. Plumes
10. Friend, You Will Never Learn

The Haxan Cloak’s long awaited new album ‘Excavation’ arrives this April

Tri Angle Records is very excited to announce the release of The Haxan Cloak’s eagerly awaited second album Excavation, to be released in North America on April 30 on CD and LP formats. Excavation will be available in all other international territories on April 15

In 2011 with the release of his debut, self titled album, The Haxan Cloak, solo project of multi instrumentalist, Bobby Krlic, appeared seemingly out of nowhere with an impressively fully formed sound that blew away most anyone who heard it. Recorded over the space of 3 years The Haxan Cloak was a wildly ambitious fusion of malevolent strings, junkyard found-sounds and primitive percussion, Krlic’s grand ambitions transcending the fact that it was all recorded in a shed at the bottom of Krlic’s parent’s home in Wakefield, Yorkshire. In the two years since the release of his debut, Krlic relocated to London and began working on it’s epic follow up, and Tri Angle Records debut; Excavation

Bolstered by the concept he was developing for his follow up and a desire to challenge himself into new terrains, Krlic has evolved his sound to incorporate more of his electronic influences. The result is an album awash with serrated beats and cavernous sub-bass, meshing with the classical drones and ghostly details The Haxan Cloak fans will have already been accustomed to. Excavation finds Krlic confidently adopting a more minimalist approach to his compositions, experimenting with space and silence without forsaking any of the intensity that made his debut such a powerful statement of intent.

If The Haxan Cloak was conceived as the soundtrack to a character’s journey towards death, Excavation is its sequel representing the journey after death. Excavation is about disconnecting entirely from this and entering upon a more astral plane, explaining some of the albums more ethereal, ambient moments that are in constant tension with jagged and aggressive elements. This journey isn’t supposed to represent an archetypal Heaven or Hell scenario, but something more abstract and unknowable; the abstraction of the situation being one of its most unsettling aspects. Excavation is another uncompromising, incredibly personal record from an artist who is continuing to operate very much within his own world.

Listen to ‘The Mirror Reflecting (Part 2)’ now…


01. Consumed
02. Excavation (Part 1)
03. Excavation (Part 2)
04. Mara
05. Miste
06. The Mirror Reflecting (Part 1)
07. The Mirror Reflecting (Part 2)
08. Dieu
09. The Drop

Holy Other starts his European tour with Beach House tomorrow

Having spent the last 6 weeks in the US touring with Amon Tobin and playing numerous headlining shows, Holy Other is back in Europe and about to commence touring with Beach House. The dates are as follows:

Oct 26 Mandela Hall – Belfast UK
Oct 27 Cork Opera House – Cork IRELAND
Oct 28 Vicar Street – Dublin IRELAND
Oct 29 The Arches – Glasgow UK
Oct 30 Stylus – Leeds UK
Oct 31 Ritz – Manchester UK
Nov 02 Roundhouse – London UK
Nov 03 Anson Rooms – Bristol UK
Nov 05 Kampnagel K2 – Hamburg GERMANY
Nov 06 Vega – Copenhagen DENMARK
Nov 07 Berns – Stockholm SWEDEN
Nov 08 Sentrum Scene – Oslo NORWAY
Nov 10 Astra – Berlin GERMANY
Nov 11 Stodola – Warsaw POLAND
Nov 12 MeetFactory – Prague CZECH REPUBLIC
Nov 13 Flex – Vienna AUSTRIA
Nov 14 Feierwerk – Munich GERMANY
Nov 16 Gloria – Köln GERMANY
Nov 17 Les Docks – Lausanne SWITZERLAND
Nov 18 AB – Brussels BELGIUM
Nov 19 Paradiso – Amsterdam NETHERLANDS
Nov 20 Le Trianon – Paris FRANCE

Tim Hecker remixes Holy Other

As huge lifelong fans of Tim Hecker, we’re more than a little happy to unveil his remix of ‘Held’ by Holy Other. obviously we’re biased on every level possible, but his deconstruction of ‘Held’ is genuinely a beautiful thing to behold, creating caverns within the original work that make the already disorientated voices present on the original sound even more lost and confused. You can stream Tim Hecker’s remix of ‘Held’ here…

Also if you missed it from a few weeks ago, Teengirl Fantasy’s wonky club rewrite of ‘Love Some1′, featuring vocals from Kelela, is still streaming on Soundcloud…

Unsound & CMJ Occurrences…

This week one of the best music festivals in the world, Unsound, kicks off in Krakow, Poland. We’re very excited to have committed something of an unofficial takeover of the festival, with no less than 5 Tri Angle acts scheduled to perform. Those acts happen to be Evian Christ, Fatima Al Qadiri, Vessel (whose debut album ‘Order Of Noise’ is out today!), The Haxan Cloak, and brand new signing WIFE., whose appearance at Unsound this week will actually be his first ever live performance. Check here for details about when everyone will be playing.

Sticking with the festival theme, Holy Other will be finishing off his US tour with a couple of appearances at CMJ in NYC. On Friday he’ll be performing at the Pitchfork event at Villain in Brooklyn, alongside Death Grips, DIIV, and Joey Badass to name a few, and on Saturday he’ll be headlining La Poisson Rouge with amazing support from Autre Ne Veut and Vatican Shadow. Aside from the NYC dates, this week Holy Other will be stopping off to play some headlining shows in Oberlin and Philadelphia beforehand. Check the events section for dates and venues.

As well as all this Balam Acab, The Haxan Cloak (supporting Liars) and oOoOO are continuing on with their separate tours of Europe. They might be in a town near you very soon!

Vessel’s debut album ‘Order Of Noise’, out on Monday

Vessel’s debut album ‘Order Of Noise’ is officially almost here. Set to hit stores this Monday (October 15th), the album is available on 2xLP, CD and digitally. Check out some of the overwhelmingly positive things people have had to say about the album so far…

“One of the most engaging and gripping techno albums of the year.”Resident Advisor (4 1/2 stars)

“Order of Noise shows how to balance the two extremes without committing to one single constant, and that anyone can make an original noise, but to make one that’s accessible takes skill.”Drowned In Sound (8/10)

“The imperative to physically engage listeners still lies at the heart of Vessel’s approach and is key to its essential appeal. Through all these channels, we’re witnessing a conscious disassembling of club genres.”The Quietus

You can find ‘Order Of Noise’ in Rough Trade, Boomkat, Bleep, iTunes and all other good record specialists.

Holy Other’s debut album ‘Held’ coming this August

Holy Other will release his debut LP Held on August 28 2012 on CD, LP and digitally.

‘To be held by someone; the opposition between comfort/restriction’

Following on from the release of his universally acclaimed debut EP With U in 2011, Holy Other is now ready to unveil his debut album Held.

Working with the same blend of R&B, UK garage and house sounds that influenced the funereal pop sounds of With U, Holy Other found another significant influence during the making of Held in listening to gregorian chant. This new found influence is most keenly felt in the monastic atmosphere that haunts sections of the album, as well as the ways in which holy other uses the voice in a way that sounds devotional and comforting in one instant, and unknowable and distant in another.

While it was never explicitly stated at the time of release, Holy Other opting to remain vague about the meaning behind the record, With U essentially chronicled the painful break down of a relationship. In comparison Held is about being confined to a relationship and the depth of emotions felt throughout its course. The muted euphoria of ‘Tense Past’ and the dramatic, brooding urgency of ‘Love Some1′, give way to sparser songs like ‘U Now’ and ‘Inpouring’ which sound like navigations through a foggy mind, culminating with the schizophrenic sensuality of the album’s title track and closing with the melancholic poignancy of ‘Nothing Here’, a song which perhaps best sums up the record as a whole. Held is both a lament to the fragility of human bonds and the desire for them to be tighter and longer lasting. Where With U was fuelled by a desperate urge to ‘feel something’, Held is possessed by a more resigned feeling, concluding with the acceptance that some bonds ultimately yield nothing.

Track List

01. (W)here
02. Tense Past
03. Inpouring
04. Love Some1
05. U Now
06. In Difference
07. Past Tension
08. Held
09. Nothing Here

‘Love Some1′, the epic and intense first single from the album is available to listen to here…