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The Haxan Cloak
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Cat. Number: TRIANGLE18

Release: 15TH APRIL 2013 / 30TH APRIL 2013 (N. AMERICA: LP & CD)

Hailing from Yorkshire, but now based in London, Bobby Krlic, the multi-instrumentalist behind The Haxan Cloak released an incredible self titled debut album on Aurora Borealis in 2011, a record that blew away pretty much everyone who happened to hear it. Fusing a rare talent for classical composition with a passion for exploring serrated electronic, drone textures, The Haxan Cloak’s cinematic, complex sound is not an easy one to fully explain in words alone.

In 2013 The Haxan Cloak will release his anticipated second album through Tri Angle.



The Haxan Cloak’s long awaited new album ‘Excavation’ arrives this April

Tri Angle Records is very excited to announce the release of The Haxan Cloak’s eagerly awaited second album Excavation, to be released in North America on April 30 on CD and LP formats. Excavation will be available in all other international territories on April 15

In 2011 with the release of his debut, self titled album, The Haxan Cloak, solo project of multi instrumentalist, Bobby Krlic, appeared seemingly out of nowhere with an impressively fully formed sound that blew away most anyone who heard it. Recorded over the space of 3 years The Haxan Cloak was a wildly ambitious fusion of malevolent strings, junkyard found-sounds and primitive percussion, Krlic’s grand ambitions transcending the fact that it was all recorded in a shed at the bottom of Krlic’s parent’s home in Wakefield, Yorkshire. In the two years since the release of his debut, Krlic relocated to London and began working on it’s epic follow up, and Tri Angle Records debut; Excavation

Bolstered by the concept he was developing for his follow up and a desire to challenge himself into new terrains, Krlic has evolved his sound to incorporate more of his electronic influences. The result is an album awash with serrated beats and cavernous sub-bass, meshing with the classical drones and ghostly details The Haxan Cloak fans will have already been accustomed to. Excavation finds Krlic confidently adopting a more minimalist approach to his compositions, experimenting with space and silence without forsaking any of the intensity that made his debut such a powerful statement of intent.

If The Haxan Cloak was conceived as the soundtrack to a character’s journey towards death, Excavation is its sequel representing the journey after death. Excavation is about disconnecting entirely from this and entering upon a more astral plane, explaining some of the albums more ethereal, ambient moments that are in constant tension with jagged and aggressive elements. This journey isn’t supposed to represent an archetypal Heaven or Hell scenario, but something more abstract and unknowable; the abstraction of the situation being one of its most unsettling aspects. Excavation is another uncompromising, incredibly personal record from an artist who is continuing to operate very much within his own world.

Listen to ‘The Mirror Reflecting (Part 2)’ now…


01. Consumed
02. Excavation (Part 1)
03. Excavation (Part 2)
04. Mara
05. Miste
06. The Mirror Reflecting (Part 1)
07. The Mirror Reflecting (Part 2)
08. Dieu
09. The Drop

Unsound & CMJ Occurrences…

This week one of the best music festivals in the world, Unsound, kicks off in Krakow, Poland. We’re very excited to have committed something of an unofficial takeover of the festival, with no less than 5 Tri Angle acts scheduled to perform. Those acts happen to be Evian Christ, Fatima Al Qadiri, Vessel (whose debut album ‘Order Of Noise’ is out today!), The Haxan Cloak, and brand new signing WIFE., whose appearance at Unsound this week will actually be his first ever live performance. Check here for details about when everyone will be playing.

Sticking with the festival theme, Holy Other will be finishing off his US tour with a couple of appearances at CMJ in NYC. On Friday he’ll be performing at the Pitchfork event at Villain in Brooklyn, alongside Death Grips, DIIV, and Joey Badass to name a few, and on Saturday he’ll be headlining La Poisson Rouge with amazing support from Autre Ne Veut and Vatican Shadow. Aside from the NYC dates, this week Holy Other will be stopping off to play some headlining shows in Oberlin and Philadelphia beforehand. Check the events section for dates and venues.

As well as all this Balam Acab, The Haxan Cloak (supporting Liars) and oOoOO are continuing on with their separate tours of Europe. They might be in a town near you very soon!