Ayshay / Fatima Al Qadiri
Ayshay / Fatima Al Qadiri
Ayshay - WARN-U



Cat. Number: TRI ANGLE08

Release: 26th September 2011

Born in Senegal and raised by Russian-educated parents in Kuwait (although she summered in the UK), Fatima Al Qadiri eventually wound up in Brooklyn, where she’s been involved in New York City’s art world for several years as a photographer and visual artist. In her free time, she pens the Global. WAV blog for DIS magazine, highlighting a variety of obscure sounds from around the planet.

Al Qadiri happens to make music, both under her own name and as Ayshay, her more experimental project that’s signed to Tri Angle who released her debut EP ‘WARN-U’, a record which utilizes nothing but manipulations of her own voice, and takes inspiration from traditional Muslim worship songs.


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